Samsung unlocks Bixby voice app for more countries

From CNET: As with movies and smart home devices, Australia, the UK and other countries come late to the new tech packing the US market.

One of the latest is the Bixby voice feature in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones, Bixby being the assistant software similar to Siri or Google Assistant -- which itself just arrived in Australia with the Google Home this July.

Nintendo Details SNES Classic Rewind Feature

From PC Mag: On September 29, Nintendo will launch the SNES Classic complete with 21 games including the never before released Star Fox 2. It's sure to be as popular, if not more popular than the NES Classic which preceded it. At Gamescom, Nintendo decided to reveal some additional features the SNES Classic will include, with the stand-out feature being the ability to rewind gameplay.

There’s a new Gran Turismo Sport version of the PS4

From The Verge: Sony has unveiled a shiny new limited edition Gran Turismo-themed Playstation 4, featuring a faceplate bearing the GT logo and a customized wireless controller. The 1 TB system will be available for sale on October 18th across the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

The release coincides with that of the latest Gran Turismo game, and will come with a ‘Day 1’ edition of the title, giving players $250,000 of in-game credit, sticker packs, a chrome racing helmet, and 60 PS4 avatars.

HTC Vive Price Drops $200

From PC Mag: Back in July, Oculus VR announced it was cutting the price of the Oculus Rift plus Touch bundle to just $399 for a limited time. When that deal finished at the end of the summer, the price will only go back up to $499. Oculus and parent company Facebook clearly want to sell a lot more headsets, but now HTC is striking back with a Vive price cut.

The HTC Vive was $799. Now it's $599.

Microsoft's Project Scorpio returns as a special Xbox One X for preorders

From The Verge: Microsoft first revealed its Xbox One X back at E3, and now it’s allowing consumers to preorder the console today ahead of its release on November 7th. Just like the Xbox One Day One Edition, Microsoft is also creating a special edition for the Xbox One X: the Project Scorpio Edition. Priced at $499, the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition includes a gradient design on the console itself, alongside the console’s Project Scorpio codename on the controller and console.

Intel bets on a big speed boost for 8th-gen Core chips

From CNET: Intel is very concerned that you may be using a five-year-old computer. The company claims there are at least 450 million computers still in service that are five or more years old.

So, one of the big selling points for the just-announced 8th generation of Core i-series CPUs is that these new chips are twice as fast as those found in five-year-old laptops. That's not too much of a stretch, as we've seen massive performance improvements over the last five years in laptops, desktops, hybrids and tablets.

Is it important that a dSLR camera has 4K video shooting?

V-MODA Remix Review (Page 1 of 4)

In the beginning of the winter semester this year, I was assigned teaching assistant duties to a fourth-year electrical engineering class. Since lab attendance was optional, I decided to cancel all the scheduled sessions and had the students contact me if they needed any help. Most students in their last year of engineering do not require much assistance, if at all; as such, I never met most of the students in my class in person, although I have repeatedly seen their names on assignments and quizzes. When April rolled around, it was our annual capstone project design fair, and I decided to roam the grounds of the undergraduates to see who these people were and what their projects were about. Interestingly, many conversations ended up with them asking whether I was in second or third year. (I am currently doing my PhD in electrical engineering.) This is something the students had clearly not been expecting, and the reason why they had not been expecting this is probably because they guessed my age by how I look -- and we all know we should guess how old an Asian is by the way they look. That said, we all fall into the trap of judging a book by its cover. When I first opened up the V-MODA Remix, I was not expecting much from something roughly the size of an LG Music Flow P5 or Adesso Xtream S2. But things can be unexpected, especially from a company like V-MODA. How unexpected? Let me just say I was able to fill a 400-seat church auditorium with decent sound quality by using just one of these. Read on to find out whether it can justify its $300 price tag or not!

SilverStone Raven RVZ03 Review (Page 1 of 4)

Recently, I joined the wearable crowd and purchased a fitness tracker that doubles as a smartwatch. Previously, I have not really been big into wearing these kind of things. I saw those who buy it as people who just want notifications all the time, but are too lazy to pull out their phone to actually do anything about it. However, once I started using one, I began to appreciate a few things about it. I can say I quite like the physical benefits of the tracker, as it motivates me to get off my chair and move more than I used to. It does not feel like a huge shift or change in lifestyle either, but rather a collection of small changes. I also enjoy getting notifications off my watch, as it means I only have to pull out my phone out for important notifications. With my watch, I cannot see too much other than a small preview, but it is enough to let me skip the unnecessary things. Obviously, both of these features can be solved with alternatives, such as a step tracker and a smartphone, but after using a watch like this, I am glad I have this. Today, we have the SilverStone Raven RVZ03, the next small form factor computer case in the Raven lineup. While it may look similar internally as the previous mini-ITX Raven, it adds a current feature with an RGB light strip at the front. I know a lot of users have no care for the RGB colors, but once you get used to it, you might actually miss it when it goes away. Even still, is this another small form factor case that is worth having, or is it just yet another RGB case? Read on to find out!

Noctua NF-A Series Review (Page 1 of 4)

For most of this summer, I worked at a camp. It was, as usual, a great experience. Although it was a crazy hot summer in southern Alberta, the temperature made for a great summer filled with plenty of fun activities. But the heat also made the cabins became extremely hot. This was the worst at night, where it was almost impossible to sleep. We had to think of different ways to cool down the cabin. Some people thought it would be a good idea to get a big fan with a bucket of ice in front of it, but we did not end up doing this. One of the ideas actually worked really well. When it was late in the evening, we would set up two fans; one at each window of the cabin. One fan would be blowing air into the cabin, and the other would be blowing air out. This would move the air around the room and quite effectively cool the cabin down by the time we went to bed. Now, I probably should have thought of the idea, since it is basically the same as what a computer cooling system does. Some fans pull air in, and others push air out. There is more to it, but at its base this is all that happens. I think there is a lot more to consider when it comes to case fans than with fans for a room though. There is a wide variety of models and manufacturers to choose from when it comes to picking a case fan. Some are more focused on silence than performance, or you can go a balanced route, finding one that performs quietly. Other fans are more focused on static pressure, while some more on airflow. One manufacturer known for its quality, performance, and silence is Noctua. Today, we have the entire Noctua NF-A series up for review, including eight fans, some anti-vibration mounts, and a fan controller -- all of which I will be covering in this one review today.


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