Google Gemini AI Tries Outsmarting ChatGPT With Photo and Video Skills

From CNET: Google has begun bringing a native understanding of video, audio and photos to its Bard AI chatbot with a new model called Gemini. Google Pixel 8 phone owners will be among the first to tap into its new artificial intelligence abilities.

The first incarnations of the new technology arrived Wednesday in dozens of countries through Google Bard's Gemini update, but only in English. It can provide text-based chat abilities that Google says improves AI abilities in complex tasks like summarizing documents, reasoning and writing programming code. The bigger change with multimedia abilities -- for example understanding hand gestures in a video or figuring out the result of a child's dot-to-dot drawing puzzle -- will arrive "soon," Google said.

Gemini is a dramatic departure for AI. Text-based chat is important, but humans must process much richer information as we inhabit our three-dimensional, ever-changing world. And we respond with complex communication abilities, like speech and imagery, not just written words. Gemini is an attempt to come closer to our own fuller understanding of the world.

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