All-New MSI Z790 MAX and B760 Gaming Motherboards are here

From MSI Press Release: MSI is excited to announce today the brand-new MAX Series Motherboards for the Z790 chipset and Micro-ATX motherboards for the B760 chipset, which includes the MEG Series, MPG Series, MAG Series, and PRO Series. MSI’s Z790 and B760 motherboards paired with Intel® Core™ Next-gen, 13th Gen, and 12th Gen Processors are here to bring even more performance and fine-tuning on the success of the last generation of Processors. As a world-leading motherboard brand, MSI’s Z790 MAX Series motherboards are designed to provide the very best performance for gamers and creators.

MSI Z790 MAX Series motherboards have a strong lineup of power phase design boards across every model ranging from our flagship MEG Z790 GODLIKE MAX that has 26 Duet Rail Power System CPU power phases with 105A SPS to even our entry-level PRO Series motherboard that has increased up to 16 DRPS CPU power phases with 80A SPS.

In addition to such a powerful power phase design, the Z790 MAX Series motherboards have an array of innovative designs that can help cut down on the building process for users. All models across the Z790 MAX series motherboards feature the latest wireless network solution “Wi-Fi 7” which doubles the amount of bandwidth to 320MHz and up to a max theoretical speed of 5.8 Gbps. It enables devices to simultaneously send and receive data across multiple frequency bands and channels to ease the traffic flow from a growing amount of wireless devices. Wi-Fi 7 improves the QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) from 1024-QAM to 4096-QAM to help boost peak transmission rate and increase its network capacity.

Z790 MAX gaming series motherboards fully support PCIe 5.0 M.2 and support Screwless M.2 Shield Forzr, making installations or upgrades more convenient. In addition, the MEG series is equipped with magnetic design, eliminating the need to reconnect the RGB cable when replacing M.2. All MPG & MEG Z790 models will feature a brand new connection that MSI is introduction, which is called the JAF1 Header. A hybrid header allows users to gain an extra additional ARGB and Fan Header with just a single cable.

There is also an all-new USB 4.0 PD100W Expansion Card that was debuted during Computex 2023 and now it is ready for everyone to have their hands on it. The USB 4.0 PD100W Expansion Card uses a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface, offering two USB 4.0 ports and two DP 1.4 in-ports. The USB 4.0 not only provides high-speed connectivity at up to 40Gbps but it also supports a maximum of 100W of Power Delivery with compatible devices.

MEG Series

For this MEG MAX Series offers two models to choose from, the MEG Z790 GODLIKE MAX and MEG Z790 ACE MAX. The last generation, the MEG Z790 Series brought out many features that took it to a whole new level. For the brand new MEG MAX Series, MSI is bringing them all back and even more.

The MEG 790 MAX Series will support up to 26+2 DRPS Power Phase Design with 105A SPS. With an all-new generation of VRM Cooling, the all-aluminum covers a stack of Wavy Fin Array-Designs, a U-Shape VRM Heatsink with Direct Touch Cross Heat-pipe and 7W/mk Thermal and Choke pads for extreme cooling efficiency. With all these features, it doesn’t stop, it also comes with Lightning Gen 5.0 PCIe & Gen 5.0 M.2 support 128GB/s of bandwidth for maximum speed and performance.

Both MEG Z790 GODLIKE MAX and ACE MAX feature MSI’s patented Screwless M.2 Shield Frozr with Magnetic for the perfect ease of installation. The M-Vision Dashboard is back on a 4.5” display to showcase your system information and perform one touch overclock to boost even more performance. As mentioned above, Both MEG MAX Series Motherboards also feature the latest Wi-Fi 7 Solution with a brand-new EZ Antenna for blazing-fast download and upload speeds.

MPG Series

There will be three new models joining the MPG series, the MPG Z790 CARBON MAX WIFI, the MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI, and the MPG B760M EDGE TI WIFI. All MPG new motherboards will feature MSI’s patented Screwless M.2 Shield Frozr. MPG Z790 MAX series has up to 19+1+1 Direct CPU Power Phase with 105A SPS that uses the Extended Heatsink with heat-pipe, Lightning Gen 5.0 PCIe slot, and new Wi-Fi 7 Solution. The MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI even upgrades its M.2 to PCIe 5.0. The above-mentioned USB 4.0 PD100W Expansion Card will come bundled with MPG Z790 CARBON MAX WIFI.

MPG Series

The brand-new MPG B760M EDGE TI WIFI supports a 12 Duet Rail Power System (DRPS) with 75A DrMOS alongside an Extended Heatsink to efficiently dissipate heat away from the board. The MPG B760M EDGE TI WIFI supports PCIe Gen 5.0 slot, patented Screwless M.2 Shield Frozr, and 3 Gen 4.0 M.2 slot. For connectivity, the MPG B760M EDGE TI WIFI will include a USB Gen 3.2 Gen 2 x2 Type-C, 2.5G LAN, and Wi-Fi 6E. Whichever model you pick, the MPG Z790 MAX and B760 Series will surprise you.

MAG Series

The MAG Series is one of the most popular models among games. With the new color and new features on the new MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI, it will offer users even more performance and DIY-friendly options. The MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI comes equipped with a 16+1+1 Mirrored Power Arrangement Power Phase Design with 90A SPS and a dual-8 pin CPU power connector to power through any games you throw at it with ease. The MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI comes with Lightning Gen5, and its M.2 has been upgraded to run at PCIe 5.0 speed as well. Moreover, it now comes equipped with MSI’s patented M.2 Screwless Shield Frozr for easier installation process and the Wi-Fi solution has been upgraded to the latest generation, running Wi-Fi 7 for truly amazing wireless speeds.
Alongside the MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI, there are also 2 models for mainstream users and they are the MAG B760M MORTAR WIFI II and MAG B760M MORTAR II. Both are mATX form factor that adopts a 12 Duet Rail Power System with 75A DrMOS and 6 layer PCB with 2oz thicken cooper that provides a more stable current to the CPU. The MAG B760M Series supports a Lightning Gen5 PCIe slot and up to 3 onboard Gen4 M.2 slots. Being able to deal with high-level loading operations, the MAG B760M Series features premium thermal solutions including an All-Aluminum design and Extended Heatsinks as well and the M.2 slots are covered with M.2 Shield Frozr for maximum performance.

PRO Series

The PRO Series provides balanced and reliable functionality and high-quality components for professionals and enterprises. The PRO Z790 MAX Series is paired with up to 16+1+1 DRPS power phase with 80A SPS including Lightning Gen 5.0 PCIe slot, M.2 Shield Frozr, 2.5G LAN, and Wi-Fi 7. In addition to the mentioned above, there are also Lightning USB 3.2 Gen2 x2 Type-C connections to provide all the bandwidth and performance necessary to cruise through all daily work tasks.