Microsoft Copilot Brings AI to Windows 11, Works Across Multiple Apps and Your Phone

From CNET: At Microsoft's AI and Surface event on Thursday, the software giant announced a new product, Copilot, which it calls "your everyday AI companion." Copilot will be included in the next major Windows 11 update, scheduled for Sept. 26, with Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft vice president, saying it's the most significant update to the operating system thus far.

With Copilot, it's possible to ask the AI to write a summary of a book in the middle of a Word document, or to select an image and have the AI remove the background. In one example, Microsoft showed a long email and demonstrated that when you highlight the text, Copilot appears so you can ask it questions related to the email. And that information can be cross-referenced to information found online, such as asking Copilot for lunch spots nearby based on the email's content.

Copilot will be available on the Windows 11 desktop taskbar, making it instantly available at one click. Microsoft says that whether you're using Word, PowerPoint or Edge, you can call on Copilot to assist you with various tasks. It can also be called on via voice. Copilot can connect to your phone, so, for example, you can ask it when your next flight is and it'll look through your text messages and find the necessary information.

Edge, Microsoft's web browser, will also have Copilot integrations. Specifically, Microsoft highlighted features for shopping to find the best deals or using pictures on your phone to find similar products online, similar to Google Lens.

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